Why Zion ?

About Us

Why Zion International?

  • Adaptation to newer methods of teaching
  • Frequent training to teachers on communication and teaching methods that keeps them updated on newer teaching materials and ideologies.
  • Fun filled – curious classrooms
  • Our campus is very spacious , serene and hygienic. Amidst hustles in the city life, our calm , well lit and ventilated classrooms make a perfect spot to make the think tanks to work on.

A perfect classroom ensures improving a child’s concentration, thought process and happiness.

15 Years of

IT Business Experience


Physical activities are necessary for holistic development. Our school conducts various sports training and competitions through our well trained PE coaches. Apart from this we involve our children in various extracurricular activities like yoga, chess and  dance.

Learning by Experiences

Knowledge from books is of no use unless it is used in everyday life. Our students from preschool learn through experiences. Traditional blackboard method is replaced by experiential learning. Circle classes, group activities, touch and learn, Smart classes etc.


Our students visit various places (field visits) along with the teachers to gain practical knowledge. We also conduct practical classes with professionals from various works of life to understand actual practice in the industry.

Qualified and Experienced Teachers

Our teachers are well qualified in reputed institutes and experienced. Frequent training and updating is also encouraged for teachers. Frequent meetings among teachers to exchange their knowledge is also arranged.

Safe Transport Facility

We have our own safe transport with disciplined and trained drivers along with helpers. Your child is safe from the moment they step in the bus.

Experienced and Dedicated Team

We are proud that our management team, Teaching team, hygiene workers and transport team work together in a synchronized way towards betterment every day.