Special Provisions

Permissible accommodative atmosphere – Ceiling on the strength of the students in a class room for a convenient space arrangements (25 students in a class) with necessitated arrangements for writing and seating provisions

Proficient teaching panel

ZIS will recruit and govern proficient teachers who had zeal and enthusiasm to teach, motivate and shape the students to the high level academicians

Interactive Learning approach

Emphasize on interactive learning approaches and integrative teaching approaches which integrate competencies and value within and across the learning areas

Special curriculum services

ZIS had a personalized approach using special educational curriculum programmes which develops readiness and passion for work and lifelong learning with life skills

Primarily focuses on the resources (syllabus, instructional materials) to ensure that all students are individually prepared to the productive citizens in our global society
Educational tools – In this ultra modern world every class room students are equipped with modern educational tools like computer, projectors with enlarged screen and visual module through which the students can learn without any fatigue. Through this aid they can easily remember their studying parameters even after they leave from the class room since it is fully embossed their memory .