The goal of the school library media centre is to ensure that all student of the school community have equitable access to a variety of resources available there. Library is a treasure of knowledge and ZIS had an continuous efforts from the inception to keep more collections for the extra reading habit to our students


A Fleet of well equipped school busses will be operated with a lady attendant. Speed Governor will be fixed for the safe operations control of the vehicle. “School Bus” will be written on the back and front of the bus. The protective norms as fixed by the local authorities are followed very strictly.

School Uniform

Wearing of prescribed uniform is compulsory for all students. All students should come to the school neat and tidy, dressed in prescribed school uniform.

Basic facilities Include


   Computer Lab and Science Lab.

   Extra curricular activities

    Smart Class

    Extra Curricular Activities (Karate / Music / Dance / Chess)

   Other languages taught

   Tamil, Hindi