Admission programme

Prescribed application with prospectus will be issued in the school office and after appraisal, a call letter communicating the day and date will be sent to the parents. If any alternative date and day is required by the parents they shall inform the school immediately for keep back the allotment.

ZIS knowledge defined education stream – key tips imposed to adult teachers to govern the students

    The students are basically trained to observe the teach in module by their master who is familiar in their subjects – knowing and teaching to their level
    Teaching is an art and science - teaching is a process of imparting Knowledge and skills, systematic process based educational objectives in par with the students standards to get the optimum output are fed to the students.
    Extra Cultural activities like sports, fine arts, entertainment skills are the additional factors that are imposed at the free time to stimulate the students to fresh of their minds.
    Inside the ZIS we plan some activities where studies can direct their own easy understanding.
    Use active participation and groups for social interaction.
    Use a variety of teaching and Learning methods including hands-on-learning.
    Make the learning relevant to students will be doing when they leave the class rooms.
    Spend less time lecturing and let students work on solving problems.
    Provide a supporting learning environment with multiple resources, breaks and opportunities to ask question and correct mistakes.

Moving Forward

Further to the completion of pre school the child can step into first standard to Eight VIII standard with the carefully designed and carved system of Take Pride – Be proud which remember the words of Aristotle – Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.
At ZIS we encourage children to learn and develop independently supporting them in their educational journey, facilitating their personal growth and equipping them with the skills, strategies and a love of learning necessary to inspire them to achieve something as they mature and develop.