About Us - Who We Are?

ZIS is a co education Public School. The School is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education.The Management is strives together to promote this school in the midst of other schools in Nagercoil with different teaching – learning methodology

Dr.J.Spurgeon Samuel is the Businessman & Advisor of Zion International School, Alamparai Junction, Parvathipuram. He has over 25 Years of experience in various domains in the field of Education. Mr. Samuel set up the Zion International School in the year 2015 and has created an institution of excellence and repute. As an educationist, He has expertise in curriculum design, technology in education, assessment and evaluation, professional development for teachers, pedagogies based on the theory of Multiple Intelligence, learning styles, physical Education in Curriculum and school administration related skills. He has also incorporated in his school programs. On life skills, mental health, special education and various Co-Curricular activities.

He has successfully adopted best practices in Zion International School in administration and management, Staff recruitment and training, operational management, integration of multimedia, institutional marketing, compliance of laws pertaining to education, curricular and co-curricular programs for holistic development, etc Mr.Spurgeon Samuel is a keen learner and upgrades his knowledge on latest practices in Education.

Very high base factors like

  • Value for money
  • Individual attention to students
  • Academic reputation, high percentage
  • Life skills education
  • Leadership/Management quality

Our Core Values

Each person has equal intrinsic value and respect
Being open to new ideas
Mutual respect, trust and caring.
Embracing diversity makes us a stronger community.
We are responsible for our choices and their effect.

Visionary statements


* Be professionally managed
* Effectively integrate technology with curriculam
* Encourage all round academics, Culture and sports
* Instil values
* Satisfy the needs of gifted as well as those with learning Disabilities
* Have Teachers as facilitators with high professional commitment reinforced through regular professional development Programs.


We will align expected outcomes, assessment, teaching, learning and reflection on practice in order to support our mission and student learning objectives.

Strategic Objectives


“ When a child enters ZION , She / he joins a community of students who are “:
* Self learners & academically sound
* Investigative in spirit
*Conscious of their Role in Society
* Confident Wholesome personalitities with good communication skills
* Focused on carrier
* Sensitive to fine & Performin arts


We will strategically use all possible resources* to create a learning community aligned with our core values and mission.